Below is a list of game endings that we are searching for. As well as game endings, we are also looking for FINAL SCREENS, which appear in games such as Manic Miner and Toy Bizarre.
If you do have one of the game endings below (in PRG, T64, TAP, VSF (VICE) or D64 format (CCS64), then we would be delighted to hear from you. Also, if there are any game endings you would like to see that do not appear on this site or in the list below, then please let us know and we will add it to the list (“,)
> CURRENT LIST of 18 – 18/05716
– Beer Belly Bert by US Gold / Americana
– Beyond Zork by Infocom
– Cyborg by CRL
– Empire by Firebird
– Ice Temple, The by Blue Ribbon
– Lee Enfield: Tournament of Death by Infogrames
– Locomotion by Kingsoft
– Maze of the Mummy by Psytronik
– Metal Gear by Ultra Games
– N.E.I.L. Android by Alternative
– Night Raider by Gremlin Graphics
– President is missing, The by Microprose
– Seven Cities of Gold by Electronic Arts
– Starship Andromeda by Ariolasoft
– Super Huey 1 & 2 by Cosmi
– Telengard by Mirrorsoft
– Wild West by Ariolasoft
– William Wobbler by Wizard