C64 Room 101

c64Room_101 copyC64 Room 101 is our deepest, darkest vault where we securely hold unwanted Commodore 64 items nominated by the C64 public. Here’s your chance to lock away that Commodore 64 game, tune, gadget, magazine or person that has always annoyed you, and condemn it to the vaults of The C64 Room 101 forever – never to be seen again!
1. Submit your entry to webmaster@c64endings.co.uk or use the COMMENTS section below.
Only one submission per person per day
2. You can’t suggest C64endings 😆
3. It has to be Commodore 64 related
4. The C64endings Webmaster has his hand on the lever and decision is final!

Currently secured in our C64 Room 101 vault:

– Ubik’s Music (Andy Vaisey)
– Cisco Heat (Andy Vaisey)
– Cage Match by Mastertronic (PaulEMoz)
– Test Drive – The music – instruments used (Richard Bayliss)
– Intergalactic Cage Match by Mastertronic (PaulEMoz)
– Manky (Richard Bayliss)
– Demons of Topaz music (Richard Bayliss)
– The ‘crying dol’ listing (Andy Vaisey)
– Serial reset switch (Andy Vaisey)
– Drop Down by TND Games
– Speedzone by Mastertronic (Richard Bayliss)
– Cheetah 125+ joystick (Andy Vaisey)
– Hard Drivin’ by Domark (Frank Gasking)
– Chase H.Q. by Ocean (Richard Bayliss)
– BMX Ninja by Alternative (Richard Bayliss)
– Quick Data Drive (Vinny Mainolfi)
– Issue 76 of ZZAP! 64 (Andy Vaisey)
– Cascade Cassette 50 (Neil Collins)

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