FREEZE64 issue 7 ready to buy

FREEZE64 - Cover 7-smallIssue 7 of my Commodore 64 fanzine FREEZE64 is now available to buy from

Here’s what you can expect from this current issue:

WIZBALL COVER FEATURE: Ever since it was first released back in 1987 by the talented Sensible Software team and published by Ocean, Wizball has remained forever in our hearts and is still loaded time and time again by the Commodore 64 gaming community. In this issue, not only do we celebrate the game and a few cheats, we also share some of our readers’ views, experiences and memories of this fine game.

JON HARE INTERVIEW: Not content with giving you a cover feature to one of the Commodore 64’s most loved games, but we also treat you to our recent interview with the man behind the design and graphics to Wizball, the great Jon Hare. We find out what makes him tick and also delve into his back catalogue of Commodore 64 hits to find out where he got his inspiration.
FREEZE64 / POND COMPETITION: Our readers will get the chance to win a POND software T-shirt, as well as a physical disk copy of Pond Software’s THE BEAR ESSENTIALS by Graham Axten.
GAME ENDING FOCUS: We’ve heard that you LOVE seeing the game endings to Commodore 64 classics, and so we’re going to treat you to the game ending to the adorable Creatures 2 from Thalamus.
THE MOULDY CUPBOARD: Only in the deepest, darkest depths of the Mouldy Cupboard will we find those untouched and never played Commodore 64 games that no one can really remember!
DESERT ISLAND DISKS: By some strange misfortune, our first guest, Roy Fielding, was stranded on a desert island and had to fend for himself. But what 5 Commodore 64 games, 5 SID tunes, joystick, utility, book, gadget, and luxury item did he take with him?
FREE CHEAT CARD No.4: Yes folks, we’ve got yet another of our FREE & EXCLUSIVE Cheat Cards to give away, which will be The Bear Essentials issue 4 cover and POKES.
GAMES IN THE MAKING: Continuing with this popular feature, we will have more Commodore 64 game news to share with you direct from the coders themselves.
NEW & EXCLUSIVE POKES ‘n CODES: We’ll be revealing lots more POKES ‘n CODES to some new Commodore 64 titles including: The Bear Essentials and Fire to Jump, as well as providing some unreleased cheats for some older C64 classics.
NEXT LEVEL ‘BIG MAC’: We’ll be visiting all the level screens to this delightful Commodore 64 budget title from Mastertronic.
SECRET SQUIRREL’S ENIGMA CODE: Agent Squirrel delves into another batch of case files to review a few hidden secrets and messages within Commodore 64 games.
PLUS LOTS MORE! It’s going to be another CORKER of an issue!
You can buy the latest and previous issues from
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1 Response to FREEZE64 issue 7 ready to buy

  1. My copy just arrived. Thank you for sending, and I was really impressed. 🙂 What an amazing package, with so much good quality scene news and freebies. I really enjoyed the features and interviews, especially the Jon Hare interview. I’d heard of SEUCK having been originally designed as a commercial game template that didn’t work out, but had no idea it had by far and away been their most profitable thing, kind of the “Sim City” of its day. Strange to think of how little they worked for, in what is now a multi-million-dollar industry, yet they still pushed the C64 to its limits.

    An excellent read, anyway, and I’m sure I shall be interested in future editions. 🙂


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