WEC Le Man by Imagine

wec_le_mans_01Publisher: Imagine
Developer: Imagine
Release Date: 1988
Code: Richard Palmer
GFX: John Palmer
Music: Jonathan Dunn
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 40%
Our Game Rating: 35%
Completed by Vinny Mainolfi
Reviewed by Brendan Phoenix & Stadium64
> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
The game is crap, (“I’ll second that” – Vinny) but for some reason, the game ending is brilliant. Yes, I have finished the game a couple of years back but I’m too lazy to do it again, which is why Vinny grabbed the ending for me. It’s easy if you cheat…
Lap 4 sees the end of the race and the car pulls over.
“Thank you”
“Run for it!”
He looks like a Sontaran!
Cue the strip-tease music 🙂
You stand there with your hands on your hips!
“Aaaaa-ga doo doo doo, push pineapple, shake the tree…”
And finally…
There goes the cork…
…hmmm, where’s the shampers?
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: We both cheated all the way to the bank.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?:  An animated sequence when the driver is getting out of the car and taking off his helmet, and then raising is hand for victory. Then you have a new animated sequence when the driver is playing around with a bottle of champagne, and also a great (and well-known, at least for me) ending tune by Jonathan Dunn.
Brendan: Could such an abysmal game have a worthwhile ending? Hell yeah! And some more!
This game really sucks but the ending is everything that the game is not, polished with some nice animation of the sprite as he gets out of his motor, takes his helmet and punches the air! Then there is more, we go to the podium where his baseball cap jumps off his head and he sprays champagne into his mush! As you do…….
I have to say the ending is not arcade accurate (he never gets out of his car and no podium shot) but you know what? It is BETTER than the original arcade ending! Yep, and that surely deserves some extra points.
Usually racing game endings suck (if we even have one) but there was some real thought into this ending (which makes you wonder why they didn’t do the same with the game) and you have the bonus of a quite good ending track.
All in all a really excellent surprise. Maybe the best ending we have seen from the worst game?
Vinny: Oh my giddy Aunt! How can this ending be so cool when the game is soooooooo cack? I was amazed when Brendan showed me some screenshots of the ending. In fact, I thought it was a joke and so I had to investigate immediately. It’s true! The ending is cool 🙂
Andy Vaisey: A decent (if not brilliant) enough ending for a change, shame about the really cack game attached to the front of it.
Stadium64: I like this ending very much especially the great tune and the animated sequences are brilliant.
The flickering grey bars (or whatever you may call it) in the first sequence are annoying and the fact that the game is crap makes the ending not worth a 10. But I have thought it could get a 9.
Gaz Spence: Surprisingly good, considering ocean’s track record (excuse the pun) with endings. The programmer, Richard Palmer created another decent ending with Land of Nowhere, so respect is due.
FINAL SAY: You are really going to be impressed with this ending – considering the game is so cack 🙂

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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