FREEZE64 fanzine – issue 4

cover4Issue 4 of my FREEZE64 fanzine is available to buy from

Here’s what you can expect from the new issue:

‘THE BEAR ESSENTIALS’ EXTENDED COVER FEATURE: New generation Commodore 64 Coder Graham Axten is producing a wonderful platform game called THE BEAR ESSENTIALS and in the extended feature, we will be celebrating its release with an exclusive look at how he built his game, along with his early screenshots, notes, diagrams, and sketches. Definitely NOT to be missed!

ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE AND EXTENDED INTERVIEW IN CODER’S CORNER: We promised you a classic Commodore 64 coder from yester-year, and we have got exactly that for you! Respected coder John Darnell takes to the chair to answer our questions on his classic greats such as Kane 1&2, Dragon’s Lair, Star Paws… as well as discussing his current Commodore 64 offering, Sleepwalker. We’ll also have a few POKES to help you through his games.
GAMES IN THE MAKING: Now that you know what this regular feature is all about, we’ll be providing some more news and coder’s comments relating to up and coming Commodore 64 games in the making.
GAME ENDING FOCUS: We’ll be focussing on the game ending to Flimbo’s Quest by System 3 and revealing exactly what happens when you reach the end.
NEXT LEVEL – HENRY’S HOUSE: In this new, regular feature we reveal all the screens and levels to some of your favourite Commodore 64 games… starting with HENRY’S HOUSE by English Software.
AND ALSO… FREEZE64 wouldn’t be the same without new and old POKES/codes, sharing more insight into another Hackersoft Pad (pad No.20), and finally more revealing case files from our intrepid Secret Squirrel.
‘FREE’ CHEAT CARD No.1: Starting from this issue, we are giving away a FREE collectable Cheat Card with each copy sold. You’ll get a new, FREE Cheat Card with every issue!
… all this and more wrapped up in a full colour Commodore 64 fanzine.
You can buy the latest issue and previous issues from
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