UWOL, Quest for Money by The Mojon Twins

uwolgamePublisher: The Mojon Twins
Developer: The Mojon Twins
Release Date: 2010
Code: Algarbi
GFX: na_th_an
Music: Conrad
Our Game Rating: 91%
Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi
> CLICK HERE to Download my Crazy Hack file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
I live for platform games. I can’t get enough of them. And so when we are treated to a brand new Commodore 64  game release, and I find out that it’s a platform game, I’m on cloud nine! When Uwol – Quest for Money was released I felt like I’d won the lottery! It was THE platform game I had been waiting for since the release of  Mayhem in Monsterland back in 1993! I’ve had to wait ages!
UWOL – Quest for Money is a colour and very playable platform game coded by The Mojon Twins. With colourful and cartoon style graphics, this game is a delight to play – and I haven’t even mentioned the sonix yet! If you haven’t already played it, then click on our download link to grab yourself my crazy hack version (no need to press any keys if you don’t want to activate any of the features). The crazy hack also features a tune selector that allows you to go through all the game tunes… and there are a few of them!
Anyway – a fab game, and so surely the ending is good too?
The final level is complete.
Yay! The team are together once again 🙂
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I hacked this game to pieces and created a crazy hack that allows you to open the game ending exit.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have collected all of the 250+ coins and exited the final room, the ending tune fires up and the ending screen appears. The screen shows Uwol and the gang along with the message “C’MON GUYS, CHEER UP! I’LL BUY YA SOME BEER!”. This is followed by the words “THE END”.
Vinny: It’s a nice little ending and I don’t really want to fault it because I love the game so much. Then I got thinking that maybe the coders ran out of space, but that’s not the case because I was able to code in another 41 in-game key press features and so there was plenty space – and there’s still some left over too! It could have been a lot better with more of an epilogue and maybe some animation.
Andy Vaisey: A nice little piccie as a reward, but could have been better. A missed opportunity and a shame.
KungFuFurby: I’m pretty sure this is a direct port of the ZX Spectrum version’s ending. When I did the SNES version’s music, I mostly based my music off of the C64 version, and I extended the Title Screen theme and ending theme.
I didn’t think the ending was too great myself, and this exact same ending (with graphical differences, but that’s all) is found on the SNES version.
Gaz Spence: A nice little platform game with a cute ending. I’ll have to check out the SNES version…
Andrew Fisher: It’s a fun game and a nice little ending, with a tune and picture. Look forward to trying out the crazy hack.
Brendan Phoenix: Bit speccy-esque, but a so so ending peek which just about redeems it’s self.
FINAL SAY: It’s a fab game and a nice enough ending.

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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