Jet Set Willy by Software Projects

jet_set_willy_01Publisher: Software Projects
Developer: As above
Release Date: 1984
Code: Shahid Ahmad
GFX: Unknown
Music: George Neophytou
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 63%
Our Game Rating: 76%
Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi
Cracked and fixed by Joonas Lindberg and DanSolo

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to Download my Crazy Hack file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
This is one of the most important moments in the history of this site and also in the history of gaming. Two intrepid Commodore 64 aficionados have taken it upon themselves to finally fix a few bugs within the code of Software Projects’ Jet Set Willy, produce an ending (the sprites were always hidden within the game code), and finally allow us to play the game to the bitter end. I never, EVER thought this day would come when I would say… Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you… the game ending to Jet Set Willy…
Normally, if you played the game correctly (yeah, right) Maria wouldn’t be in this shot.
Willy automatically makes his way back to the lav.
I don’t think he’s going to make it!
OMG! The End!
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Well, if it wasn’t for Joonas and DanSolo, we would never have seen this. I also used the old screen editor trick with my Action Replay Cart 🙂 Check out the ending video for full details.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have collected all the litter around the house, Maria leaves the bedroom so that you can go to bed. Once you jump onto the bed, Willy automatically takes himself straight to the bathroom where he ends up with his head down the toilet.
Vinny: I’m probably going to get slated for doing this, but I have been waiting a LOOOONG time to see this ending, and the 10/10 really goes to Joonas and DanSolo for fixing this and then producing the ending. Guys – I salute you both 🙂 As for the actual ending… hmmm… same as JSW 2: 3/10.
Kungfufurby: Ending-wise, it’s not very good… almost reminds me of Jet Set Willy 2, only without an extra ending screen.
However, the game is about as impossible to beat as it has been, so props to the people that made this ending happen! ^_^
Inge Pedersen: Technically, this is not a real ending since most of it is coded 25 years after the game was released.
Nevertheless, the ending is a legendary one, but 10/10? No way…
Andrew Fisher: A very clever hack, but not really a “real” ending (since you had to bypass Maria to get it)… I’m a little confused how to mark this one.
Gaz Spence: I’m with Vinny on this; a great achievement after all these years. Bravo!
Brendan Phoenix: Whilst celebrating a great achievement it is in getting to see this, the ending still sucks donkeys balls.
DanSolo: The guy who did the C64 version for some reason started to code the ending and then never bothered. It’s almost like he knew all the items couldn’t be collected… Collecting enough items (though not all are required) makes Maria disappear, which is the first part of the “ending” routine. Why he didn’t add the few extra lines of code who knows…
Andy Vaisey: A *cracking* hack, but I’m not commenting on the ending because is it really real in real life? Methinks not..
FINAL SAY: A real moment in gaming history.

10 / 10

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3 Responses to Jet Set Willy by Software Projects

  1. However celebrated these sort of games were (once), it was a genre I could never get into – the pure “avoid-em-up” with no means of attack or defense. Dizzy redeemed it a little by adding stuff to think about, and Impossamole failed to redeem it by adding killable baddies (too late, when several better platformers had got there way before it).

    This one, I could not even be bothered to make the effort with. This type of game was best in small doses (Manic Miner being just about the right length for it), and Jet Set Willy was just sheer overkill. Huge maps are all very well as long as there is variety… which this genre sorely lacked.


    • DanSolo says:

      I think the oddness is most of the charm with JSW. Since it was instantly recognisable as impossible to finish (for several reasons…) it was more about mapping and exploring than a game with a goal. The variety was strictly within preset parameters, true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there was no imagination and creativity in the level design.

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  2. talfarlow says:

    I agree wit DanSolo: the oddness is a key value here and it is shown in many ways. The game actually feels more like a nightmare itself than an after-party housework, with those odd room names, surreal characters and places, with lots of tricky connections between rooms (when the standard platform game was just stage-sequential or featured simpler maps and/or repetitive room templates)… It also made a weirdness bonus to have such a pure Spectrumesque scenario in the C64, since they mostly respected the original graphics. As you may know, Spec users were trained (if not forced) to appreciate the 8×8 two-color cells designs, while Commodore fans always expected something better (Henry’s House could be a good example of this), and we must admit JSW graphics were pretty rich… once we assume such restraint. Now, about the ending, formerly unreachable, I tried some bug-fixed version and an emulator: it is just a final joke, nothing spectacular. One may feel dissapointed after a 33-year agony. But this is what it is and I love it.


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