Video Meanies by Mastertronic

video_meanies_(mr_chip_software)_01Publisher: Mastertronic
Developer: Mr. Chip Software
Release Date: 1986
Code: Tony Kelly
GFX: Andrew Morris
Music: Tony Kelly
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 71%
Our Game Rating: 78%
Completed by Inge Pedersen
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi
> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
I was always going to buy this game whether it was cack or not as I was a dedicated Mastertronic collector. That’s not to say that I have to like everything produced by Mastertronic because, in fact, I don’t.
Video Meanies is one of those Mastertronic titles that seems to be rushed and not much thought has gone into making it a solid budget title, which is why it isn’t one of my favourites. The controls are quirky, the graphics are messy, and the whole premise of the game is just lacking in imagination. Harsh I know – but true! It’s sad because Tony Kelly, the programmer, also produced Big Mac for Mastertronic, which was a cracking little game – but has no ending.
So what do you reckon – a good ending?
The final level…
and then a game of chance before…
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Inge hacked this one to the end.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have completed the final ‘gamble’ section a large “FINISHED” appears and the words: “NOW TRY IT AGAIN“.
Vinny: Come on – did you REALLY expect a good ending!
Andrew Fisher: I was intrigued with the game when I saw the map in ZZAP!s 3D tips supplement (issue 31) but never bought it… Years later when I played it in emulation I got a couple of screens in and gave up. A static screen and back to the beginning. Not very impressive.
Brendan Phoenix: Like Vinny said, least it has an ending unlike Big Mac (which is an awesome underrated little game).
I think there are 2 versions of this – one being a monochrome effort – are we guessing they have the same ending?
Kungfufurby: Er… that wasn’t very good, though I think there was at least one piece of unique graphic in there. No music, also.
Andy Vaisey: A good example of the kind of releases that gave budget games a bad name. Crappy game, crappy gfx, crappy ending.
FINAL SAY: At least Tony made some kind of effort to add an ending this time 😦

G.E. RATING: 1.5 / 10

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