Fighting Warrior by Melbourne House

fighting_warrior_01Publisher: Melbourne House
Developer: Melbourne House
Release Date: 1985
Code: Unknown
GFX: Unknown
Music: Adrian Pertout
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 45%
Our Game Rating: 85%
Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins
> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
Fighting warrior is a beat-em-up by Melbourne House, which is graphically very similar to Fist II. You control your hero throughout Egypt, sword fighting your way past various swordsmen, winged beasts and animals, to find your Egyptian princess who is captured in a remote tower.
For years I never knew that this game had an objective other than beating the hell out of baddies, and it wasn’t until one late night gaming session back in 1986 that I actually managed to complete it – and without cheating!
Our hero reaches the mummified Princess.
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I recently completed this short game with infinite energy.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: After working your way through the final tower level, your princess is revealed in a mummified state. All that’s left to do in unwrap your prize, which is done with a sharp swipe of the sword to her head. A bit dangerous, but does the trick and your princess throws herself upon our hero in a passionate embrace.
Vinny: Pleasantly surprised with the ending. I expected the game to just keep going on forever.
FINAL SAY: A short but enjoyable Egyptian jaunt. Give it a go. It’s better than you thought it was.

G.E. RATING: 6 / 10

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One Response to Fighting Warrior by Melbourne House

  1. I only had this one on the C16, where it was fairly pretty by the standards of that machine, but borderline unplayable (two moves repeated constantly would win the game with no effort) and silent. It did have a comparable ending to this, though, albeit with no animation and a princess without any legs. Well, if you will swing swords at the poor lass…


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