popeye_crazy_hackPopeye by Piranha isn’t really my kind of game, and so I decided to hack it so that I can see all the screens and then move on; a close to this chapter so to speak…

For those of you who haven’t played this game before, it’s nothing like the arcade version of Popeye, but VERY similar to the Trapdoor and Flunky games because it uses the same Don Priestley game engine.

POPEYE+24D crazy trainer hack is the standard game of Popeye by Piranha but with additional 24 in-game FEATURES (incl. ON/OFF) that have been added by Hackersoft. Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features:
1 = Freeze Timer
2 = Unfreeze Timer
3 = Infinite Spinach On
4 = Infinite Spinach Off
5 = Collision Off
6 = Collision On
7 = Freeze Nasties
8 = Unfreeze Nasties
9 = View Screen 1*1
0 = View Screen 2
+ = View Screen 3
– = View Screen 4
£ = View Screen 5
CLR = View Screen 6
Q = View Screen 7
W = View Screen 8
E = View Screen 9
R = View Screen 10
T = View Screen 11
Y = View Screen 12
U = View Screen 13
I = View Screen 14
O = View Screen 15
C= = Game Ending!*2
*1 Allows you to look at the screen. You will need to go back to the screen where Popeye is to continue the game.
*2 Go to Olive’s house on the first screen and activate the feature. Olive will appear. Push forwards into Olive and her door will open. Enter Olive’s house and walk right to complete the game.
Remember – the original game is always there and you don’t have to press anything if you don’t want any of the features – which is a little different than the usual trainers that only give you options before it decrunches and then you are stuck with your decisions. More accessibility for the player and much more fun overall 🙂
You can download the crazy hack HERE. You can also download lots more crazy hacks from:
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