Java Jim in Square Shape Trouble by Creative Sparks

javajimgamePublisher: Creative Sparks
Developer: Thorn EMI
Release Date: 1984
Code: Rupert Bowater
GFX: Rupert Bowater
Music: n/a
ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: ???
Completed by Rio Baan
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
There aren’t that many Commodore 64 games out there that I still haven’t seen or played, but Java Jim is an acceptation to that rule. Don’t get me wrong – I have seen it… plenty of times: on the shelves in the shops back in the eighties, in my friends’ collections, on Gamebase 64… but for some reason I’m just not that fussed about owning or playing it. I’m not sure why because judging from Rio’s comments below, it actually sounds like a fun game to play. Maybe I’m saving this one for retirement!
The final item is collected…
…and the flying boat is complete.
The End.
Rio: Multiple game state snapshots were hurt in this reaching of ending. I regret nothing.
Rio: I finished building the magical escape craft – and then discovered that the game didn’t end! Frustrated, I decided to commit suicide by wasting all my lives – at which point I got to the end screen! Go figure…
Vinny: Once the magical escape craft is shown, the ending message appears, which reads: “YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE MAGIC VESSEL AND FLY OFF INTO THE SUNSET.”
Rio: Why couldn’t they just give me the ending once I’d completed building the craft? Why did I have to kill myself off first? Why the crappy end screen, given the difficulty of this game? Why do I have to ask so many questions?
Fun, original game… however given the ending, winning it is a complete anti-climax and a waste of time. I want those few hours of my life back. 1/10.
Vinny: I’m not going to touch this with a barge pole! 1/10 from me too!
Andy Vaisey: A interesting little game with a poor ending. Well, actually, taking into account the age of the game, it’s good it has an ending, but strange in the way it has to be ‘accessed’ by murdering your on screen persona.
I wish the square pattern on the title screen was animated flag style…
Andrew Fisher: The presentation seems very similar to the Danger Mouse games also from Creative Sparks. The unusual way of reaching the ending reveals bad programming, and it is a bad ending.
FINAL SAY: I want those few hours of my life back!

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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