NEW CRAZY HACK: Elektrix +23D

elektrix_crazy_hack1Yet another crazy hack that I coded around 6 months ago…

Elektrix is a strange and wacky arcade platformer that has you racing around repairing damaged electrical wires, whilst dodging various nasties. It was an early Players Software release that I owned back in the day (1986), and  I’ll load it up now and again just for a bit of a retro gaming fix…

ELEKTRIX+23D crazy trainer hack is the standard game of Elektrix by Players Software but with additional 23 in-game FEATURES (incl. ON/OFF) that have been added by Hackersoft. Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features:
1 = Infinite Lives On
2 = Infinite Lives Off
3 = Invincibility On
4 = Invincibility Off
5 = Freeze Timer
6 = Unfreeze Timer
7 = Freeze Enemy
8 = Unfreeze Enemy
9 = Teleport Left
0 = Teleport Middle
+ = Teleport Right
Q = Teleport Floor 1
W = Teleport Floor 2
E = Teleport Floor 3
R = Teleport Floor 4
T = Border Colour
Y = Screen Colour
U = Scenery Colour 1
I = Scenery Colour 2
O = Sprite Colour 1
P = Sprite Colour 2
@ = Sprite Colour 3
C= = Level Skip
Remember – the original game is always there and you don’t have to press anything if you don’t want any of the features – which is a little different than the usual trainers that only give you options before it decrunches and then you are stuck with your decisions. More accessibility for the player and much more fun overall 🙂
You can download the crazy hack HERE. You can also download lots more crazy hacks from:
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