Garfield: Winter’s Tail by The Edge

garfield_-_winters_tail_01Publisher: The Edge
Developer: The Edge
Release Date: 1989
Code: David Kirby
GFX: Andy Howlet
Music: David Lowe
ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 82%
Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
This game makes me want to scream! It’s not actually a bad game; it’s just that it took me ages to beat and then I found a version with a loadable ending that would have saved me hours of pain.
The game is split into three parts: Downhill ski-ing, the chocolate egg factory and the frozen lake. You can play any part at any time, but they must be completed in order to see the ending. The graphics are great and all parts play well, especially the final part. It’s more a case of working out what to do in this game, rather than doing it. Once you get the idea it’s quite simple. You will need to know your way around the levels, which can be confusing, so you need to put the time in if you are to beat this game. Overall it’s an original game that’s great fun. It looks great and is quite a challenge with a lot of variety. Check it out…
The ending kicks in with Garfield going for a walk…
…passed the shop…
…down the alley…
…and into the kitchen cupboard!
He places a red rubber glove on his head…
…and walks out of the kitchen…
…passed the shop (again)…
…to the chicken coops…
…and then to the chickens! The End!
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I played it for hours and finally mastered it.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: At the end of the final level you find the chicken stuck in the broken ice of the frozen lake. An ending sequence loads up once you reach the helpless creature. It shows Garfield walking past the chicken to the village. He passes a ski shop before entering a cabin. He opens a panel on the wall and ducks into it before appearing with a rubber glove attached to his head. Garfield returns to the compound where the chicken is stood. He wanders towards a small chicken wearing the glove on his head and a large grin. His grin turns to a frown as the chickens grown in numbers to prevent him from getting at the chicken he had his eye on. (This is my interpretation of events of course).
Neil: Lots of animation and nice graphics. I’m guessing what it all means, but it’s always great to see a decent end sequence. Great stuff. 6/10.
Vinny: WOW! What a cool ending 🙂 Pity there’s no epilogue and also an ending tune, but I think this deserves at least 7/10.
Andrew Fisher: I really like the graphics in this game, captures the cartoon really well. It’s a shame the three different subgames are so pedestrian and feel cobbled together rather than a single coherent game. And it’s a great looking ending too.
Makes me wonder what the unfinished Snoopy game would have been like…
Kunfufurby: I feel sorry for Garfield… too many chickens. However, this ending, for a game that doesn’t use text to describe the ending, isn’t half bad. ^_^
Brendan Phoenix: I tell you what that is one of the best endings that this site has seen for many a moon. Some decent thought has gone into it and it’s always good to see an animated ending.
FINAL SAY: Pretty good, although a bit strange.

G.E. RATING: 7 / 10

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