Captain Fizz meets the Blaster-Trons by Psyclapse

captainfizzgamePublisher: Psyclapse
Developer: Psyclapse
Release Date: 1989
Code: Keith Goodyer
GFX: Dean Hickingbottom
Music: David Whittaker
ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 78%
Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons by Psyclapse. What a silly name. I had always liked the look of this game. Probably because I liked the Psygnosis/Psyclapse logos and the beautiful Roger Dean artwork on the game boxes. Unfortunately this game isn’t at all beautiful. The graphics are very basic and monochrome, the playing area is tiny, the levels are short and the action is repetitive. It’s a variation of Gauntlet with a space theme and tiny graphics. There are twenty levels to beat, each very similar to the level before it. I know some people like this game and quite frankly I don’t see the attraction. Not one I’d recommend.
Level 20 is finally complete!
The End.
WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used infinite energy cheats and worked my way through it. Like many others I was stumped on level two until I figured out how to turn off the laser walls. After that it was plain sailing.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have reached the main computer on level twenty the game is beaten. A message appears which reads “CONGRATULATIONS PLAYER. YOU HAVE DOWNED THE MAIN COMPUTER. PLEASE RETURN TO PLANET EARTH FOR DEBRIEFING.
Neil: A dire ending to a bland game. Having seen the likes of Exile programmed within 64k, I’m shocked that they didn’t include a decent ending as this game can’t have taken up much code. Another shocker. 1/10.
Vinny: Hmmm… not really my kind of game, and DEFINITELY NOT my kind of ending! 1/10 from me too!
Andrew Fisher: Can’t say I ever bothered playing it after the poor reviews, can’t say I will bother to check it out with such a poor ending…Brendan Phoenix:  Terrible ending – you look at what Origin did with Bad Blood – huge game and great ending – it can be done.
Andy Vaisey: A stupid game title, so never tried it out of principle. Doesn’t seem I missed much either.
FINAL SAY: Surely there was enough room in the code for a decent ending?

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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