Samber by Eagleware International

samber_01Publisher: Eagleware Int.
Developer: Lepsi
Release Date: 1997
Code: Miroslaw Zielinski
GFX: Lukasz Niemczyk
Music: Grzegorz Struminski
ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 91%
Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
I seriously fell in love with this game the moment I saw it. I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy by the Editor of Commodore Scene fanzine, Richard Bowen, who asked me to review the game for a future issue. I’ve dug out the actual review and scanned it. You can view it HERE. Please be aware that it was 1997.
Anyway, a really cool game, but unfortunately the ending hasn’t got a lot to be desired for…
WTF! The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a level skip to get to the end sequence.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have complete the final level, you are presented with a screen housing some coloured rectangles, squiggly lines and the words: “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU FINISHED THIS GAME!” This is accompanied by a dedicated ending tune.
Vinny: OMG! What is this all about! I honestly can’t work out what the ending “picture” is supposed to be! Any ideas – anyone?! The only real saving grace – if there can be one! – is the ending tune. It’s really good and adds a soft, warm touch at the end of it all. It’s a pity that the programmers didn’t spend a little more time thinking this one through 😦
Andy Vaisey: I’m sorry. [Checks date isn’t April 1st…] Is someone taking the urine here? I couldn’t ever imagine a worse ending than “congratulations” being printed on the screen, but then someone adds in some rectangles and squiggles. Eh? Why? What? Does not compute… [Head explodes…]
Kungfufurby: The one screen ending is… bizarre. Music-wise, it’s nice.
Brendan Phoenix: It’s like someone has had a stroke halfway through the coding of the ending! Or someone’s kid has come in and bashed away at the keyboard – it’s terrible. The music is the only saving grace.
FINAL SAY: The sad thing is, I REALLY like the ending tune 😦

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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