I.C.U.P.S. by Thor Computer Software

i_c_u_p_s_01Publisher: Thor
Developer: Thor
Release Date: 1986
Code: Robbie Tinman
GFX: Stuart Fotheringham
Music: Barry Leitch
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 49%
Our Game Rating: 75%
Completed & Reviewed by Brendan Phoenix
Opening paragraph by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
ZZAP64 magazine really slated this game and gave it a very low overall score of 49%. Personally, I think they were on drugs because I love playing this game! Forty-nine percent! What’s that all about? Anyway, I hadn’t actually played this game until Brendan sent in the ending, which prompted me to have a look. I was impressed – much more than ZZAP64 magazine – but was the ending going to be any cop? Over to Brendan…
Our hero completes his final mission.
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: No trainer versions available! Completed the first 3 shoot em up levels on a 20% emulation speed (very difficult).
The 2nd part of the game you had to find 4 different pieces of a computer and then find the control room – mapped this part – was a bit difficult as all the rooms looked the same, and some of the nasties were little buggers – some 1 touch and you are dead one’s! Grrrr
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: A game ending message appears (see above screen shot) and an ending tune plays.
Brendan: A very basic game ending that doesn’t really house any imagination. The ending tune works well and a small epilogue there, which is something I suppose.
Vinny: A cool game, but a really poor ending. I expected more 😦
Neil Collins: I definitely called this game eye-cups. I had a bash at this one and got annoyed by the similar looking rooms as mentioned by Brendan, so I gave up on it. Glad someone finished it. Very poor ending. I did think there would be more to it.
Andrew Fisher: Not a great ending… I wonder if the poor score was a bit of a backlash against the hype Thor/Odin was getting at the time?
Andy Vaisey: Well, I love Marmite but hate this poo-poo game. It feels like the developers just went through the motions because they were told to convert it rather than being excited about actually doing it. And that shows in the effort (or lack thereof) that has obviously gone into the ending – 2/10

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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1 Response to I.C.U.P.S. by Thor Computer Software

  1. c64sidmusic says:

    I remember completing the first three levels by holding the joystick in the upper-right direction and keeping the fire button pressed! The last part is not very difficult: the most annoying thing is that there are no boundaries… All in all, I liked the game, but the ending could be a lot better in my opinion…


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