5th Gear by Rack-It (Hewson)

5th_gear_01Publisher: Rack-It (Hewson)
Developer: Fantastic Four
Release Date: 1988
Code: Jeroen Leijten
GFX: M. Scheepers, J. Leijten
Music: T.Hongens, R. Hongens
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 78%
Our Game Rating: 81%
Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
I’m a big Hewson fan and have always loved their releases back in the early days of the Commodore 64. Unfortunately, this game really didn’t do it for me and didn’t appear to be that same Hewson quality product that I was used to, which is probably why it ending up on the Rack-it budget label. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a good game, but seems to be more suited to a Codemasters game as opposed to Hewson. Anyway, it’s all over now…
A flying car!
Cool 🙂
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I cheated all the way to the end!
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you get back to the start, you are presented with an ending message, which reads: “WELL DONE!!! YOU EARN THE INCREDIBLE SUM OF ##### DOLLARS AND POINTS AS A TIME BONUS!” Then another ending message is introduced in the form of bouncing sprites, which reads: “CONGRATULATIONS CHAMP YOU NOW HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO ENTER FOR THE COMPETITION AGAIN AND EARN SOME MORE MONEY.” This is all accompanied by an ending tune.
Vinny: Not much to this ending, but it’s still nice to watch and listen to. Nice ending tune. Probably could have done with a picture or some animation.
Brendan Phoenix: Nothing here I would really want to view again. The music is ok, the downward scrolling message effect is quite nice though.
Andy Vaisey: Sore subject this one for me! I played this game years ago after reading the review in ZZAP! and quite enjoyed it for a budget racer/shooter. I enjoyed it enough to fire it up a few months ago to complete it for this very site. I then noticed it was already in the offline archive. DOH! I’ll have to remember to check in the future before getting illusions of actually contributing. The ending itself. Well, I believe the phrase of the moment is “meh…”. (look it up…).
FINAL SAY: It’s okay-ish.

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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