C64endings.co.uk Donations… please support us!

Here’s your chance to help out with our site…

C64endings.co.uk is a FREE site and will always be FREE. Each month we incur a charge to maintain our valued site and so now and again we need a little assistance from our beloved viewers, which means YOU! 😉 If you could kindly help out with a small donation – even if it’s only £1, it will all help toward maintaining and building our site.
You can donate via PayPal using the following link: paypal.me/c64endings
Anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated and allow me to continue to maintain and improve the site for your enjoyment.
Thanks in advance!
Site Owner/Webmaster

And a BIG ‘THANK YOU‘ goes to the following people for their valued donations:

44 Donations for 2016
– Aaron White (thanks for being the first!)
– Brian Juul Nielsen
– Roy Fielding
– Ernie Eaglebeak
– Judge Drokk
– Klaus Timmermann
– Teemu Riipinen
– Harry Morris
– Sheraz Yousaf
– Eric Nelson
– Gareth Owen
– David Darling
– Frank Gasking (@ Games That Weren’t)
– Etienne Obrio
– Alistair Bowness
– Anthony Clarke
– John Durnall
– Michał Taszycki
– Bitmap Books
– Freakin’ Frankie
– Boris Kretzinger
– David Normington
– Iain Metcalf
– Etienne Wettingfeld
– Dan Tod
– Simone Bevilacqua
– Simon Hadlington
– Andreas Wanda
– Eleanor Burns
– Graham Axten
– Kevin Tilley (@ Reset Magazine)
– Matthew Rogers
– Anthony Stiller
– Richard May
Myles Cameron-Smith
– Mike Berry
– Chris Van Graas
– Cameron Jackson
– Conrad Bator
– Ben Williams
– Alex Aris
– Mr. C64
Antonio Savona
Martin Grundy
– Stefan Vogt
– Gary Dunne
– Mark Semczyszyn
Ricardo Quesada
– Dad’s Game Review
– Andrew Fisher
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1 Response to C64endings.co.uk Donations… please support us!

  1. Conrad Bator says:

    What a great site, a privilege to donate help and maintain


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