NEW CRAZY HACK: Mission Genocide+27D

mission_genocide_crazy_hackHere’s a crazy hack for Mission Genocide by Firebird Software that I hacked back in September 2015.

Coded by Paul Shirley (who also produced Spindizzy for Electric Dreams back in 1986), this game is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up and is a little frustrating in places, and so I’m sure that the extra features will come in handy…

Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features:
1 = Infinite Lives On
2 = Infinite Lives Off
3 = Collision Off
4 = Collision On
5 = Top Speed
6 = Normal Speed
7 = Fast Lasers
8 = Normal Lasers
9 = Fast Missiles
0 = Normal Missiles
+ = Alien Spawning Off
– = Alien Spawning On
£ = Alien Fire Off
CLR = Alien Fire On
Q = Freeze Glue
W = Unfreeze Glue
E = Border Colour
R = Screen Colour
T = Scenery Colour 1
Y = Scenery Colour 2
U = Sprite Colour 1
I = Sprite Colour 2
O = Sprite Colour 3
A = No Point On
S = No Point Off
CTRL = Temp Shield On*1
C= = Level Skip
*1 You can use this in place of the Collision feature. Both features together will just act as Collision On.
CLICK HERE to download the new crazy hack.
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