NEW CRAZY HACK: I,Ball 2 +17D Crazy Hack

iball2_crazy_hackIt has been a few months since I last released one of my crazy hacks, and so here’s something for the weekend… I, Ball 2+17D adds a few, new features to the original game by Firebird Software. As you’ll see by the intro scroller, I coded this one a few months back, and I thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs and release it…
Additional key-press features include:
  1 = Infinite Lives On
2 = Infinite Lives Off
3 = Timer Death Off*1
4 = Timer Death On
5 = Freeze Enemy
6 = Unfreeze Enemy
7 = Collision Off
8 = Collision On
9 = Big Jump On
0 = Big Jump Off
+ = Through Platforms On*2
– = Through Platforms Off
Q = Extra Firepower
W = Normal Firepower
CNTR = Smart Bomb
C= = Level Skip
<- = Game Ending!
CLICK HERE to download the new crazy hack.
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