Jack Attack by Commodore

jack_attack_01Publisher: Commodore
Developer: Commodore
Release Date:  1983
Code: K. Kieller, J. Traynor
GFX: K. Kieller, J. Traynor
Music: K. Kieller, J. Traynor
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 58%
Our Game Rating: 49%
Completed by Gurt
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
I was never a fan of software published by Commodore, and the only thing I remember ever buying and playing by them was International Soccer on cartridge. Commodore didn’t really publish great software, which I found really strange as it was their machine this software was being produced for!
For me, Jack Attack is another of those lame Commodore titles that just didn’t cut the mustard. Maybe it’s the sign of those times, but I remember not being particularly impressed when I first saw it. There is a Jack Attack fan-base out there somewhere, but I won’t be joining it…
Level 64 is finally complete!
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Gurt completed this using savestates and NO trainers! Took him around 50 mins.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: You get an ending message that reads: “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE FINISHED ALL 64 LEVELS. WE WIGGLE OUR ANTENNAE IN SALUTE!” There is also a little red alien wiggling his antennae.
Gurt: The ending was pretty satisfying. Pretty good if you consider its age!
Vinny: I really want to give this ending a very low score, but I need to keep in mind that it was produced back in 1983 and so I have to give it some leeway…
Kungfufurby: This is an early-era C64 game, so I’ll forgive that. However, there are better endings than this. Take for example Jumpman and Lady Tut. In Lady Tut’s case, it’s a unique full-screen picture. In Jumpman’s case, it’s an animated sequence, and I believe with a unique background to go with it! Commodore didn’t do any better with Stop The Express, though between this game and Stop The Express, Stop the Express has a better ending.
Andy Vaisey: I agree, other than one or two titles, Commodore published software was generally pants, this included. The ending is poor too. Yes the game is old, but other games this age have at least managed something more then this ‘Congratulations’ rubbish…
Andrew Fisher: Bear in mind the limited memory of the cartridge – having put in 64 level layouts, there probably wasn’t much left in the 8K/16K of ROM available.
Still, it’s nice to see there is an ending screen, no matter how simple.
I do like the game, and it’s one that could get a new legion of fans as it’s available for the iPhone emulator.
FINAL SAY: Static and boring.

G.E. RATING: 1.5 / 10

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One Response to Jack Attack by Commodore

  1. I remember having this game for the Commodore 16, and it looked pretty similar. Strange how some of these early titles could actually even be better on the C64’s RAM-poor sibling (e.g. Fire Ant, Bongo, and most glaringly Tom Thumb – a masterpiece for the C16, an abomination for the C64).

    I would consider this a fair end sequence for the time, considering the brief endings in contemporary arcade titles. Possibly a 3/10. It doesn’t inspire me to want to play the game again, though.


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