The Games: Winter Edition by Epyx

the_games_-_winter_edition_01Publisher: Epyx
Developer: Epyx
Release Date: 1988
Code: Al Rubin, Carl Mey, Chuck Sommerville, Edward Chu, Edwin Reich, Eric Knopp, Kevin ‘Fuzzy’ Furry, Kevin Norman, Scott Nelson
GFX: Jenny Martin, Matthew Sarconi, Muffy McCosh, Paul Vernon, Sheryl Knowles, Steve Snyder, Suzie Greene
Music: Chris Grigg, Chris Ebert
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 76%
Our Game Rating: 81%
Completed by Stadium64
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
> CLICK HERE to view the YouTube ending video
Back in 1988, most programming teams consisted of a Coder, a Graphic Artist, and a Musician – sometimes it was only one person who would do the lot! So it was a little out of the ordinary to have such a large team working on one game, but Epyx was no ordinary games publisher and would spend time and money on developing a quality product. It was just a shame that sometime that ‘quality’ product didn’t hit the mark and would receive average scores such as 76%, which is what The Games: Winter Edition received from ZZAP64 magazine. I actually like the game and feel that it’s worth a little more – especially with such a nice ending ceremony…
The final scores on the doors.
…and the winner is…
Time for the medals…
…and the closing ceremony.
The Olympic Flame is distinguished.
Let the closing ceremony commence.
“Who turned out the lights?!”
Is this the stadium?
“Roll the credits!”
The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I think that Stadium64 played through the game as normal.
SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Lots happen! Medals, a closing ceremony, fireworks, closing credits… lots going on!
Stadium64: It’s a nice closing ceremony. There’s no big surprises though and I’ll guess this is what you should expect from an Olympic game like this. But on the other hand, not all of the Epyx games in the “Games”-series has an Closing Ceremony. The credits screens are there and I also liked that they are promoting the next game in Games-series! I will give it a bronze medal = 8.
Vinny: I’ve always wondered whether it’s right or not to class sport ceremonies as game endings, but I suppose they are endings and do bring the game to a successful close. I do remember seeing this back in the day, and thinking how cool it was with the medals ceremony and then the fireworks. I still think it holds up today and is definitely worth 8/10.
Brendan Phoenix: The ending is a difficult one to judge – firstly I presume you get this ending wherever you come in the final standings? May be wrong – so don’t quote me. I’m just presuming as it’s the closing ceremony you will get to see it whatever the outcome of your game – that doesn’t make it a Gold Medal for me. The closing ceremony is very nice, especially the lights coming down and the neat firework display – all very professional as you would expect from an Epyx title, nice end credits as well which is always a bonus – makes it seem more of a finale. If there was some more animation, just that little something else I would personally score it higher. As it stands it’s a solid 8 from me.
Andy Vaisey: A cracking ending! To be honest, I never liked the actual game and preferred the ‘originals’, but the ending is nicely done. Music is a bit grating, but satisfactory nether less.
Andrew Fisher: A solid 7/10 from me, since it re-uses some of the graphics from the opening ceremony. For me, this is the point where Epyx went downhill (oooooh, a winter sports based pun!). Repeating events that had been in previous titles and less finesse in the control methods.
Inge Pedersen:  Affair, Summer Games II was the first in the series to have a closing ceremony.
Matt Rogers: A slight variation on the Summer Games II ending – it even uses the same sprites I think for the fireworks! It doesn’t have the waving jetpac man, though, which is why I prefer the original. The tune is naughty…6 for me.
FINAL SAY: It’s a very nice ending 🙂

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just realized that the city pictured in the end scene is Calgary with the Calgary tower in the background and Saddledome Stadium in the foreground. And it makes sense as the Calgary Winter Olympics happened in 1988, exacly the year when the game was released.


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