Doctor Who, Dalek Attack by Admiral

dalek_attack_01Publisher: Admiral Software
Developer: 221b Soft. Dev.
Release Date: 1992
Code: Jason Aldred
GFX: John Geomatri
Music: Paul Tankard
ZZAP64 Game Rating: 80%
Our Game Rating: 80%
Completed By Frank Gasking
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

> CLICK HERE to Download emu file
Before I start the review, I’d like to point out two things: 1. this was the first ever ending I added to this site, 2. I live, breathe and sleep Doctor Who! Don’t ask me who my favourite Doctor is because I love them all 🙂
Moving on. This game got a mixed reception from both UK magazines: a slating from Commodore Format and a healthy result from Zzap 64. I certainly enjoyed this enjoyable platform game anyway.
After a fairly good game, were we going to be treated to a fairly good ending? Well…. not quite, but its better than nothing I suppose.
Skaro is the final place to visit.
Hmmmm … not much going on there 😦
DAVROS! The End.
HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Hmmm… not too sure, but I think Frank cheated 🙂
SO WHAT HAPPENS?:  Once the doctor has completed his quest, the words “WELL DONE” appear on the screen. It then goes black and a new screen appears with an ending tune and an image of Davros and the Doctor amongst some twinkling stars. The ending message reads: “WE HAVE FOILED YOUR EVIL PLAN. THE TIMELORDS WILL ENSURE YOU NEVER THREATEN THE UNIVERSE AGAIN.”
Vinny:  This isn’t a particularly great ending and could have been so much better. An epilogue and some animation would have gone down well.
FINAL SAY: Take a very quick peek.

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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One Response to Doctor Who, Dalek Attack by Admiral

  1. Always enjoyed this game, though I was a bit disappointed it lacked most of the features of the 16-bit versions (as listed on the box… with a disclaimer for 8-bit users). I was glad to find it had a proper, albeit simple ending. The repetitive music never made me want to linger over it long, though. A shame, as I really did like most of the soundtrack: very moody and threatening.

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